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Set Includes:

5 x Anti-Snap Latex Bands

-Yellow Band = 10 lbs Max

-Green Band = 15 lbs Max

-Red Band = 20 lbs Max

-Blue Band = 25 lbs Max

-Black Band = 30 lbs Max

2 x Cushioned Sweatproof Handles

2 x Adjustable Ankle Straps

1 x Door Anchor

1 x Travel Bag

1 x FREE Online Instructional Video


  • Build strength – Each band exerts a particular amount of force on your muscles when stretched and can be used in both upper and lower body training.
  • Improve mobility – Resistance bands are a great way to help you improve your flexibility, but you can also use them improve joint mobility.
  • Rehabilitation –Resistance bands have proved themselves essential for aiding recovery and are especially useful when it comes to working on hip, shoulder and knee injuries.
  • Burn Fat – Resistance band training is extremely effiectuve in burning fat .

BCA Resistance Band Set

C$45.00 Regular Price
C$34.99Sale Price
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